Welcome to Reading Noodle!

Reading Noodle is a product created by a teacher to help support reading instruction in the home, in hopes to bridge the gap between home and school. Teachers want to stuff their learners pockets full of knowledge and resources, but sometimes parents aren’t sure how to make that connection from home to school due to lack of available resources. And that is perfectly ok!

Reading Noodle was created for two groups of people: the parents of readers and the readers themselves.

Reading Noodle is here to help make your life as a parent simple with easy to follow directions and fun and engaging games and activities to support early reading.

Reading Noodle is also here to support young readers on their reading journey. It is meant to put the joy back in reading, and take the fear and intimidation out!

This blog is dedicated to sharing products, tips, and tricks from the mind of a 1st grade teacher!

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