Early Elementary Bundle Packets

Bundle Packets are made up of activity packets combined with their fluency packets. They will come in the same email, just separate PDFs.

This is a good choice if you want to practice a specific sound with activities AND fluency practice. It also follows the order of the subscription box minus the sight words. Although sight words are included in each fluency packet.

Packet 1: Short A

Packet 2: Short I

Packet 3: Short O

Packet 4: Short E

Packet 5: Short U

Packet 6: Blends 

Packet 7: -ed Endings 

Packet 8: -ng and -nk 

Packet 9: Digraphs

Packet 10: Bossy R’s 

Packet 11: a_e

Packet 12: i_e 

Packet 13: Soft/Hard C & G

Packet 14: CVCe Review

Packet 15: Long A

Packet 16: Long I

Packet 17: Long O

Packet 18: Long E 

Packet 19: Long U

Packet 20: OO Sounds

Packet 21: OW Sounds

Packet 22: OI Sounds

Packet 23: AW Sounds

Packet 24: Silent Letters 

Packet 25: 3 Letter Blends

Packet 26: AIR Sounds 


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