Early Elementary Fluency Packets

This section will have fluency packets specific to one sound/spelling pattern. The packets will come with a fluency passage, fluency strips, and some of them have an extra timed fluency activity as well! This is a great buy if you are purely wanting to focus on fluency.

Month 1

Weel 1: Short A

Week 2: Short I

Week 3: Short O

Week 4: Short E

Month 2

Week 1: Short U

Week 2: CVC Review Week so no specific fluency packet. Practice all short vowel fluency packets (see this page for combination packets)

Week 3:

Week 4:

Month 3

Week 1: ng and nk

Week 2: Digraphs

Week 3: Bossy R’s


Week 4: a_e

Month 4

Week 1: i_e

Week 2: Soft/Hard G&C

Week 3&4: CVCe Review

This is a combined week. Between the activities and the fluency packet it can easily be spread over 2 weeks, plus reviewing a_e and i_e will also help really bring home that CVCe (Consonant Vowel Consonant with an e on the end) concept.


Month 5

Week 1: Long A

Week 2: Long I

Week 3: Long O

Week 4: Long E


Month 6

Week 1: Long U

Week 2: OO Sounds

Week 3: Ow Sounds

Week 4: Oi Sounds

Month 7

Week 1: Aw Sounds

Week 2: Silent Letters

Week 3: 3 Letter Blends

Week 4: Air Sounds


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